New Danish Oldschool Adventure: Dragon Teeth of Kataphrasis

For the first time in a few years, there is another translation and light conversion of the Danish Hinterlandet adventures out in English: Dragon Teeth of Kataphrasis, a nasty little adventure about goblins, gnolls and releasing a terrible foe.

Dragon Teeth of Kataphrasis is along with Tomb of the Dragon’s Heart a part of the first stage Dragon Campaign adventures from the Living Campaign played at the Danish RPG conventions. In these adventures the parties were at risked at releasing the next foe of the living campaign in the shape of the Dragon.

The adventure utilizes goblins as the main foes, even though the characters are of a much too high level to consider them a proper challenge. This, however, is handled by the presence of powerful beings and dangerous magic items, that are the true challenge in the adventure.

The adventure is converted to B/X standards as presented in games such as Old-School Essentials and Labyrinth Lord, and it includes a host of new monsters or variants of existing once as well as new magical treasures and new magics. As a new thing, the monster stats for Hinterlandet is also included.

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