Seafarers and Vaesen – a boat-themed supplement

Deep forests and the steep mountains play a a considerable role in the rpg VAESEN, the Nordic folklore horror game as this is very much a part of Sweden and Norway, but the everpresent sea along with long stretches of fields and rolling hills are much a part of Denmark. The sea connects Scandinavia with the rest of Europe, and until the introduction of flight and highways, travelling by sea is fast and effecient … and dangerous.

Seafarers and Vaesen seeks to add travelling by boat and ship to larger degree to the Vaesen game, and it includes new contacts, personnel, upgrades and equipment to better integrate the presence of the sea in the game. The players will also find delight in the tormented ship’s captain, a new archetype, and several new talents.

For the game master is a section with rare Danish 19th century folklore translated to English filled with ideas on how to add the revenants of drowned sailors, shipgoing nisser (skibsnisse) and ghostly ships of ill omen (dødssejlere) to the game.

The supplement can be downloaded from DriveThruRPG as PWYW.

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