Werewolves in Vigsø – A 19th Century Danish Mystery

Vaesen is a horror RPG based on Scandinavian folklore taking in place in a mythic 19th century Scandinavia centered around real folklore beliefs from the 19th century and real cultural history of Denmark.

Werewolves in Vigsø introduces the players to a mystery playing out during the full moon in the Autumn. Vigsø is a small fishing village (you can go visit the place if you want to) with a sheltered coast line making it a good place for small scale shipping to Norway, Sweden and England. However, recently a horrendous crime took place, as a man was torn limb from limb leaving a bloody corpse and a community in terror.

The vaesen in the mystery is no secret. It is right there in the title, but Scandinavian and German folklore with regards to werewolves is no quite the same as the one presented in mid 20th century monster movies or late 20th or early 21st century werewolf lore from RPGs and tv shows. Thus begins a mystery, that may consume the investigators and surprise the players, as they know the foe, but not what the foe exactly is.

Werewolves in Vigsø is the third part of the Hansted Trilogy centered around the lighthouse at Hansted in the Northern part of Jutland, Denmark. Hansted is both an alternate base and the first part of the trilogy.

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