These are my adventures as you can find them at DMs Guild and RPGDriveThru. The adventures are all part of The Hinterlands (Hinterlandet) Living Campaign from Danish roleplaying conventions. Some have been converted to D&D 5th edition, others are somewhat system neutral or have been given stats using Labyrinth Lord.

The Flooded Temple

Low level adventure that leads the adventurers into a forgotten but not empty temple searching for treasure, but the clock is ticking for enemies are on their way. During their explorations, the adventurers meet kobolds waiting for Death’s Herald.

At DrivethruRPG: The Flooded Temple

Tomb of the Dragon’s Heart

Low level adventure that may introduce an arch nemesis for the characters, as their explorations may release a long forgotten evil for dragons never truly die, and soon an army of kobolds are on the march.

At DrivethruRPG: Tomb of the Dragon’s Heart

DMs_Guild Grave of the Heartless_forsideGrave of the Heartless

Low level adventure leading the adventures to the depths below an ancient barrow, where they find a gate to land of the dead and risks breaking their hearts. Several undeads plague their journey into the deep, but none are quite, what they expect.

At DrivethruRPG: Grave of the Heartless

DMs_Guild Tomb of the Lovelorn_cover.jpgTomb of the Lovelorn

Low level adventure into a tomb maintained by ancients servants in order to carry out the revenge of a spurned wizard. Here the adventurers meet terrifying undead, great treasures and two lost lovers.

At DrivethruRPG: Tomb of the Lovelorn

Tower of the Star Watcher

Low level adventure taking the adventurers to a abandoned tower deep in the forest. A cozy little adventure for an afternoon with foes and challenges focusing on parlay and smart thinking.

At DMs Guild: Tower of the Star Watcher

One Night amongst The Necromancers

Low level adventure. For one night an evil cult gathers, and this very night the adventurers must infiltrate the cult in order to deliver it a killing blow – and if they figure out how to play out the different factions, their work becomes easier, but they might end up facing assassins and the might of an ancient necromancer instead.

At DMs Guild: One Night amongst The Necromancers

Palace of Sweet Dreams

Low level adventure. The ruins are home to mad men and slavers, terrible beasts haunt the halways, and an alchemist refuses to leave the world of the living. Here the adventurers may end up lost and joining the ranks of the mad men, if they are not careful. The scents of flowers may be the greatest foe.

At DMs Guild: Palace of Sweet Dreams