Opening the Door

Welcome to my blog. This will be my introductory post, and I apologize ahead for any curious statements or clumsy writing as English is my second language, and though I’m experienced reading it, I am in no way used to writing in English.

With this blog I intend to share some of my more popular posts from my Danish RPG-blog, that are suited for a wider audience, so you will not hear about news or convention reports from the Danish roleplaying scene.

I play a lot of different roleplaying games. At present I’m running three D&D-campaigns, one with the 3.5 ed and two with the 4th ed. Next to these I’ve run a rather long Nephilim-campaign lasting several years and afterwards we played Transhuman Space (using The Shadow of Yesterday-rules) followed by oneshot-scenarios from various systems, until we begun our Delta Green-campaign last fall based upon a mixture of different systems with Unknown Armies and Call of Cthulhu at it’s core. I also played short campaigns using 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars, Mortal Coil and Mouse Guard. I also play Danish convention-scenarios (often various kinds of freeform and Jeep-style rpgs), but those are almost exclusively in Danish. Recently I’ve been playtesting games from Pelgrane Press: Bookhounds of London, Trail of Cthulhu and Ashen Stars.

I like to tinker with the rules and to merge rules from other systems into those, that I’m using. The purpose is to tailor the rules to fit our playstyle and to fit the specific story, that we’re playing. Some  might say that I am drifting heavily.

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