[Delta Green] Episode Guide – Season 2

Welcome to second season of our Delta Green-campaign. The Hoarfrost Dragon-campaign is episodic in its structure. Each mission is thought of as an episode in a tv-show, and the events in each episode plays out in a certain order with the agents receiving an invitation for their next misison etc.

First season is described here.

In this post I will present second season of the campaign. Presently we have finished first episode of season three, so it will be a while before I can summarise that season.

Second Season

Episode 7: Dirty Jobs

One pair of agents removes a body for an influential ally of DG, and the other pair goes looking for a mission agent from episode four. They discover that he has become a ghoul, and they eliminate him.

  • Phenomenon: Ghouls (reference to episode four)
  • One Session
  • Playing NPCs: Secondary Cast

Episode 8: So Big and Green the Forest is

Following a series of clues from episode one, four and six an agent goes on a rogue mission to look for a sorcerer. Instead they discover a trapped Lloigor, that is attempting to break free from the lake it is bound to, and after trapping it anew, one agent stumbles across a fold in time (which they heard about in mission one).

Episode 9: Dolphin Birth

The agents stumbles upon a girl, who is transforming into a Deep One. She kidnaps her own child and they track her back to a desolate town in Louisiana, where the Deep Ones reign. The agents flee the town after killing the girl and leaves it to DG to clean out the Deep One infestation.

Episode 10: The House on the Heath

The agents investigates the downing of two spy satellites, since this has activate an old Air force UFO-project, that was allegedly closed down. As they look for the satellites and the project, they encounter the source of the crashing of the satellites – an ancient Serpent Man Sorcerer keeping a ‘window’ in the sky, so he can look at Cassiopeia, and anything that interferes with this is downed.

  • Phenomenon: Serpent Man Sorcerer and his magic window to the stars
  • Relations
  • One Session, Story Arc (references)
  • Equipment

Episode 11: Black Santas, White Snow

One agent receive a call from help from another cell. Then all contact is lost, and the characters are mobilised. They investigate the lost cells case – chasing down an immortal, serial killing book collector – when they encounter roving bands of madmen dressed up as demonic santas due to the malign influence of the play The King in Yellow (Christmas-edition).

The agents stop the play, retrieves the text and two agents goes into hiding – where one reads the text, goes mad, and it ends with a terrible showdown between the two interrupted at the last moment by the appearance of a third character.

  • Phenomenon: The King in Yellow-play is being staged, and its malign influence is drives people crazy.
  • Two sessions, Christmas episode
  • Relations
  • Sideplot
  • Special: First session began with the reading of The Pnakotic Manuscript

Episode 12: Where Few Set Their Foot (Season finale)

The agents receive replacements for their lost members, and both cells are now complete. They therefore cease working together and instead they go on different missions at the same time. One cell investigates Owlshead Mountain since data from the satellite (ep10) reveals “UFO-activity”. During the investigations one character is struck down and ends up in coma – the episode ends with the character in coma.

The other cell investigates two mysterious murders on behalf of a friendly, and they confront an ancient Cthonic-worshipping sorcerer, while one character is being investigated for corruption. Just as they finish their mission, they receive an urgent mission, as the satellite they retrieved earlier is compromised, and they must get it back.

  • Phenomenon: Mi-go servant guards ancient Mi-go site on which the evil conspiracy wants to build a research facility.
  • Phenomenon: Ancient sorcerer worshiping Cthonians.
  • Two sessions (story arc: Men in Black)
  • Relations
  • Sideplot
  • Threat Level 2
  • Playing NPCs: Other agents
  • Guest player
  • Special: The plot with the Mi-go servant is a version of A Night on Owlshead Mountain from DG: Eyes Only
  • Special: The other mission is structurally an alternate take on episode 10.

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