Resurrecting a slow blog: Return of DragonLance, Delta Green and other goodness

I must admit that posting two or three times a week at my native blog and once a week at my blogcollective, makes it a bit hard to keep this blog alive, however I intend to share some thoughts and experiences here none the less.

In part I have been busy writing scenarios for three conventions. All three take place in an alternate history universe, where roleplaying was developed in the late 18th century, and we follow the lives of roleplayers in the early 19th century, while the Napoleonic wars are raging through Europe.

Right now I playing DL2 Dragons of Flame, and having read a bit a head into DL3 and DL4 I finally realize what DragonLance is all about, and with this insight I will set about re-imagining DragonLance as if it was another Battlestar Galactica-show, this time ancient aliens and science fiction enters the world of Krynn.

My Delta Green-campaign is at an end, but my posts are not, as there a bunch of insights and experiences, that I want to share. Right now we are playing Trollbabe and aim soon to play Microscope very soon, and I might have some thoughts to share.

Finally I am planning to run a The One Ring-campaign, and I am really looking forward to try this system and to run a campaign in so a well established setting as Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

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