Call for Board Games

The Danish Roleplaying Festival Fastaval, which each year presents some 20-30 cutting-edge roleplaying scenarios in the Scandinavian style of pen & paper and Parlor LARPS has expanded into board gaming as well. This year awards were also given to the best Board Game Design, and this tradition continues.

Fastaval Board Game Competition 2013

The rules are simple. You must present a workable, playable board game at Fastaval. It must be a ‘new’ game (so not a project, you be hiding in your drawer for the last five years), and it must be playable even if you are not present at the table.

The Challenge

These two points are optional:

  • Writing rules. The participating games in 2012 were in general on a very high level, but the rules were not always of the same standard. Game-rules should be helpful to the players, not an obstacle. They must be made and layouted so they easily starts the players off and makes any complicated aspects of the game clear and understandable.
  • “Borders / breaking down borders”. You are by no means required to follow this “theme”. It’s more like a suggestion from us to you, to challenge the mechanics and settings for what is considered “normal elements” in a boardgame or, on a meta level, think of a game that breaks down borders “between players” . Which borders and between what, we will leave to you to figure out.

To participate you must send your Board Game Synopsis within the deadline of October 1. 2012 to

If you’re board gamer or board game designer, then send your synopsis to Fastaval and participate in the contest about the Prestigious Otto Award. Read the full text on the competition here: Fastaval Board Games.

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