#RPGaDay2015 – Day 29: Favorite RPG Website/Blog

rpg-a-day-2015My feedreader is heavily laden with many different blogs on roleplaying, and many I have enjoyed reading, but many have also grown silent. They live for certain time – and my own seems often quiet as well (but I blog on my Danish blog about 7-12 times a month), but onwards to #RPGaDay2015.

Day 29 – Favorite RPG site/blog

Mostly my favorite RPG sites are RPG blogs rather than webpages, and among these many have grown silent and rarely if ever post again, so though I miss them, these silent giants sleeping I will not mention.

Among the active that I enjoy reading presently are The Alexandrian, DMDavid, 10 Foot Pole, and The Walking Mind.

The Alexandrian has a good mix of materials from reviews and discussions on how to play to reading some really old stuff and discussing how RPGs were played in other ages.

DMDavid has some interesting views on D&D and how the different versions favor different kinds of play, that I enjoy reading about.

10 foot pole reviews a lot of OSR stuff, both new products and then some very old material like the Dungeon Magazine of the 90’s that I haven’t read myself in 15 or more years. It is interesting to read his views on the scenarios, as it also gives some ideas as how a story could or should be written to the benefit of the DMs reading it.

The Walking Mind has as well good thoughts on RPGs from Fate to D&D, so it is a pleasure to read.
So presently I guess these are my favorites for the time being.

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