#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 31: Favorite non-RPG Thing to come out of RPGing

rpg-a-day-2015The final installment of #RPGaDay2015 as we leave the celbreating of roleplaying, we also get to answer what comes out of roleplaying, and among these things what is our favorite thing?

As with many of the previous questions finding the one favorite thing is no easy answer, and it is no easier for me here.

Day 31 – Favorite non-RPG Thing to come out of RPGing

How much of a non-RPG thing must this non-RPG thing be? For me being a dedicated roleplayer, I hardly consider any computer PRGs as being RPGs at all. Most of them are mere third person shooters, and the few remaining do not have the potential, that roleplaying around the table does, but they can be entertaining, so in one sense many computer/digtal/electronic games owe their existence to RPGs. That is one favorite, though a category rather than a specific thing.

Many authors and film makers have a background in roleplaying, where they in their youth or perhaps even still play roleplaying games, and without bothering to mention anyone in particular, I like the idea that roleplaying have helped fostering people in their creative endeavors.

In Denmark we have the boarding school Østerskov, which is a roleplaying school using roleplaying to teach languages, history, the sciences and so on, and being able to do so through roleplaying is amazing – and recently another one, Epos, just opened, so now there are two schools that teach through storytelling and roleplaying. This is one of my favorite things to come from roleplaying. However there is one thing more important than that.

I could also answer that me and my friends are what came out of roleplaying. Shaped through a life of roleplaying I have a multitued of friends, who are creative, funny, nerdy, and clever – and we all share this hobby, and without it we would not be, who we are. And that applies to you as well.

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