Gaming, no time for blogging

It is quiet on the blog for the last few months, though my gaming life has been far from quiet, and running two blogs, one in my native language and one in English is time consuming.

So instead of adding new posts or translating more material, if I have been running Curse of Strahd, which ended in an unforeseen TPK in the Amber Temple, when the party encountered a trap, and since the whole purpose of the campaign was to get to explore Castle Ravenloft, and I’ve dug out my old modules, Ravenloft and House of Strahd (comparing the texts of Ravenloft, House of Strahd and Curse of Strahd is actually quite interesting), and we have started playing module I6.

My other group have switched to playing Traveler, and we are having fun exploring the trade and traveling rules, while working our way towards the stellar kingdom of Drinax, where we plan to chase pirates.

My irregular group have almost completed the DCC module The People of the Pit using the D&D 5th rules set (My traveler group went through using the DCC rules), and I have begun a fourth group, where we have set out to play through Tomb of Annihilation placing the campaign in the Mystara setting and focusing on the hex crawl aspects.

I am in the midst of translating one of the early Hinterlandet (The Hinterlands) modules to English, and it should be ready late March, but other projects such as my second playthrough of Pandemic Legacy Season 2 (we bought both the black and the yellow box), is taking up some time, as is podcasting, as my regular podcast on board games (in Danish) is soon going to supplemented with a podcast on roleplaying games (also in Danish).

This post is mostly to get back into writing in English and posting here again, and next up I am planning to have a look at things hidden in RPGs, perception, secret doors and such.

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