Ghostly Adventures for the Winter Nights: Midwinter Ghost Stories

Right in time for spooky winter nights with the Yule nights, Christmas, Juleaften, Weihnacht, Winter Solstice is the roleplaying anthology Midwinter Ghost Stories written for the Ravenloft Gothic Earth setting.

It contains eight different adventures that all have the one and same cursed family in focus, and it depicts curses, ghosts and dysfunctional families trapped in a house by the sea for generations – and it is eight spooky tales to play out in a couple of hours.

The anthology has been brought to live by nefarious mastermind and Christmas-schemer Cat Evans and several authors including myself, and it has been an exciting and fun process writing a ghostly adventure sharing a common frame using the same family but different branches of the family tree. Now the anthology is out, and you can pick it up at DMs Guild: Midwinter Ghost Stoires.

Gothic Earth is a wonderfully dark 19th century setting, and though the adventures formally are written for the D&D 5th edition system, they can easily be converted to Call of Cthulhu: Gaslight, Vaesen, Savage Worlds Horror and other systems, as they are light on mechanics and heavy on mood.

My own contribution owns a lot to M.R. James and A.C. Doyle, as their ghost stories inspired me to create a house haunted by villains and victims, and to create ghosts that may be frightening, but are as much victims as they are dangerous – and thus inviting the players to solve the adventure in a different manner than usual. Stylewise, I wrote it very much like a Danish convention scenario, though at perhaps one third the normal length. The other tales in the book take different approaches, and each is very much its own interpretation of ghastly and ghoulish events, and the players will surprised again and again as they venture forth to confront the ghosts haunting the Lovelace family, as the stories are very different.

I hope you will have fun with the anthology. We had fun writing the adventures.

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