Games on the Table – Part 5: Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition

Rarely has a rulebook needed a revised edition so quickly. Hardly were the book out, before we ran into trouble with the system. The book is a mess with rules and references spread out all over the book, and there several wonky or poorly tested rules and elements in the book.

This edition tried to the same thing, that Call of Cthulhu 7th edition did, that is to use the existing engine (so it is backwards compatible) and then add a modern overlay updating the system with 21st century roleplaying game technology. CoC 7th edition generally succeeded with this, however Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition did not. The main change is the idea that the combat can be reduced to a single opposed die roll, that determines success, damage and hit location, and it works, but the result is a rules system, that many struggle with understanding, and it is far from clearly written. At least it is backwards compatible, so it is very easy to adapt the older material on the fly, and the game is structured to invite new players to begin playing (as opposed to for instance Earthdawn 4th edition).

The Warhammer Fantasy setting is appealing, but I find the rules system overrated, and though the career system is a fun way to integrate the characters in the setting, I find it kinda boring to play with.

Most likely not playing this again, once we are done with the campaign.

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