New Headquarters for Vaesen: Ravnholm Estate

When beginning a Vaesen: Nordic Horror Roleplaying campaign the players start by creating their characters, and then they establish their base as Castle Gyllencreutz in Uppsala, Sweden. The base or the headquarters is an important part of the game as it ties the adventures together and shows what happens between missions. With the core rulebook there is just the one base to utilize. The supplement Ravnholm Estate introduces an alternate headquarter in Denmark owned by an old family of hunters who are allied with the Society.

With Ravnholm Estate I wanted to expand the world of Vaesen and the history of the Society while gving the players a whole new set of tolls and the game master setups and ideas for stories both within and outside the realm of the vaesen. The supplement expands on the family Tårnskytte, who was introduced in the Mystery Revenge of the Elf King.

As with the other supplements I have written for Vaesen this dives into Danish history and strives to add historical details as a way to shape the setting and add elements that creates a depth to game. This time it is a region which was central in the earliest stages of industrialization in Denmark adding an area that can be visited even today.

The supplement introduces new staff members, new threats and new facilities as well as ways to interpret the existing facilities. You can download Ravnholm Estate at DrivethruRPG as pay what you want. I hope you have fun with it.


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