New Nordic Dungeons & Dragons Potion

New Nordic Dungeons & Dragons has previously looked at the design of dungeons in a new light, light style decorated with wooden furniture in beech wood. This time, however, it is about magic potions.

New Nordic Magic Potions are potions made with a focus on taste and magical effects. It is a return to long neglected herbs and plants, and to old alchemical methods. New Nordic Magic Potion has become popular among adventurers throughout the Nordic or Scandic region. Regional beverages, regional herbs, and national magic potion traditions are making a comeback, and they can be found as part of treasures in modern, well-stocked dungeons.

The following five potions have been selected by the guildmasters of the chef’s guild and the wizard’s guild for their exquisite taste and delightful magical effects.

Sea Buckthorn Potion

The sweet drink with a delectable touch of sea buckthorn and mild scent of anise is brewed by the Twelve Witches of the North on the Kølster Nights. Effect: The enchanted beverage has a wonderful taste that leaves the drinker in a blissful state, which allows the drinker to fly while the blissful state lasts.

Goutweed Potion

From the bottle comes at first a sharp scent, then a scent of fresh spring soil from the creamy magic potion produced by Grødum’s magicians. When the drink is consumed, a fantastic singing voice is obtained, which lasts until fluid is ingested. Effect: Drinking the potion grants advantage on all song-based tests and attacks until fluid is ingested.

Lovage Ensorcelled Wine

Along with a taste of roasted ants are mixed the long green threads of joyful bitterness, which only magicians of Gamager understands how to mix. The magic of the wine grants a bright mind and a positive view of the surroundings. Effect: The imbiber’s positive outlook makes things looked at within 10 meter (30 feet) lights up as if they were exposed to a Light Cantrip. The effect lasts until sunrise.

Ramsons Tincture

A solid green flavor swirls around in the purple liquid along with rhubarb roasted to charcoal. The spellcaster from Bræsk has mixed the tincture. Effect: The drinker has no need to eat and drink, and the drinker cannot be harmed by or die of hunger or thirst. While the effect is ongoing, the drinker cannot regain hit points from short rests or long rests. The effect lasts until a meal is eaten.

Chervil Magic Potion

When the bottle is opened, a kaleidoscope of green scents centered around the chervil rises, and when the mixture is ingested, a taste of barl-eyotto follows. The potion is stirred by the Warlocks from Nomakiinium. Effect: The drinker’s thumbs turn green, and when a green thumb is stuck in the ground next to a plant, the plant begins to grow, and in a minute the plant has grown as if a month had passed. The effect of the potion lasts until something else is eaten or drunk.

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