Campaign Design

I run several different campaigns. Some are brief lasting a few sessions, others are long lasting running for several years. In the end I have collected a lot of thoughts and ideas as how to create a campaign and run it. Here you will find a compilation of links.

General Thoughts

Campaign Concepts

Presenting the Campaigns

— in brief:

— in detail:

The Hoarfrost Dragon Campaign

A Delta Green-campaign using a combination of Call of Cthulhu, Unknown Armies and various House Rules.

Designing the campaign – part 1: Presentation

Designing the campaign – part 2: Investigation and Clues

Designing the campaign – part 3: Rules and Specialized Rules

Designing the campaign – part 4: Structure, Episodes and Story Arc

Designing the campaign – part 5: Cosmology and Reading Books

Designing the campaign – part 6: Threats, Sideplots and Multiple Characters

Designing the campaign – part 7: Playstyles, Rolling Dice and Failures

House Rules


Structures in Campaigns

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