House Rules

I use a great variety of extra rules in my campaigns to support our playstyle and to the theme of the campaign. On this page I compiled my posts about our house rules and the way we use them.

House rules and Rules of the Day (about how long a new rules applies)

Thoughts on using House Rules

Passive or Active Disadvantages

Rules I like and don’t like

Adopting Rules from other games

Delta Green: The Hoarfrost Dragon

Agent Points (buy missions, connections and equipment)

Traits and the Corruption of Traits (Traits, Fortune-points, Insight-points)

Decline and Humanity-points

Playing Relation-scenes (to earn Humanity-points)

  1. Players Playing NPC’s: Other agents and friendlies
  2. Players Playing NPC’s: Minor Cast
  3. Players Playing NPC’s: The Secondary Cast

Creating Leads (how the players tie clues together by paying sanity points)

D&D – 3rd/4th

Adding that little extra to the game

Playing More Than One Role

Gossiping Ladies (adding gossip to the campaign)

See also players playing NPCs under the Delta Green heading.

Player Missions and Rewards

Player Controlled Flashbacks

Rule changes

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