The Other Campaigns

I presented two of my campaigns here and a list of the house rules used in those two campaigns. Now it is time for the next campaigns.

Night’s Dark Terror

This campaign is based on the 1986-scenario Night’s Dark Terror. It is set in the Mystara-setting – or rather it seems it was one of those scenarios that helped develop the setting, since it was published one year before the first Mystara-setting guide (Gazetteer 1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos), which described the exact same country in which the scenario took place. NDT is about a group of adventurer’s getting caught up in a conspiracy. Goblins are raiding local farms and it is slowly revealed, that they are searching for an ancient treasuremap leading our adventurers to a hidden vale. We’re are playing it with the 4th ed. rules.

These are some of our house rules:

Delta Green: The Hoarfrost Dragon

This an ‘agent’-setting for Call of Cthlhu. Sort of like a crossover between X-files and the Cthulhu Mythos. The PC’s are federal agents involved in a secret organization called Delta Green, who secretly battles occult threats against USA. The setting combines conspiracies, spies and Cthulhu Mythos in the modern age, and the setting does a really good job of inserting the Mythos into modern times.

The way we play it, we’re playing a hybrid-rules system, where we use the Sanity-rules of CoC and the skill-system of Unknown Armies, and then there are the special rules (humanity, agent-points, Doom-points, traits and corrupted traits etc.). The purpose of the extra rules is to both to keep the characters alive a bit longer and to reflect the corruption of the agents, while they struggle to fight the good fight in a uncaring world – it asks ‘Can you stay humane?’ So far we have lost two PC-agents and three NPC-agents and some allies to this.

I will in coming posts describe the various rules and how we use them.

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