[B1-9] Dungeon of Terror – It is a Silly Place

So let us not go there.

Recently I mentioned how we braved Castle Caldwell playing The Clearing of Castle Caldwell, originally from B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond, but reprinted in B1-9 In Search of Adventure (which is the version I am using), and the next scenario would obvious be The Dungeons of Terror, as it is the dungeon beneath Castle Caldwell.

However, The Caldwell Castle was not the most exciting dungeon, and the basement beneath seemed rather strange bordering on the silly and boring, so we skipped it.

Instead I went on a Christmas vacation, and the I suggested that the remainder of the group met and played anyway. One of the other players were appointed to be the GM, and he designed a Christmas-adventure.

Next we went and played B7 Rahasia, and my what an adventure. More about that later (and our next adventure is going to be B4 The Lost City, which looks interesting).


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