Temple of the Harpies

Not quite a harpy, but still a flying foe from Forbidden Lands.

Recently a new OSR-inspired game came out – the gritty fantasy game Odysseys & Overlords by Travis Legge – and I have written an adventure for the setting! It is the Temple of the Harpies, and it is out now. You can find the O&O products on DriveThruRPG here and Temple of the Harpies here.

Temple of the Harpies was an idea, that came to me in the light of recent episodes of my Forbidden Lands campaign, where a random encounter in the wilderness with a pack of harpies and later harpies reappeared at the adventure site Weatherstone (from the GM book in Forbidden Lands), and though the two harpy encounters were not related, I decided to tie them together. From here came my idea to explore Harpies some more, and when Travis asked for adventures for his new game, and I stumbled upon the harpy section in the Odysseys & Overlords GM book, I knew I had to use them.

Temple of the Harpies is an adventure, that asks where monsters come from, or specifically where harpies come from, and the adventure presents a tentative answer. At least one suited for the O&O setting. Just as a dungeon can be seen as a mythic underworld, and by entering the dungeon you are stepping into a liminal space, where myths rules. Just as an expedition into the dungeon can be a passage into a mythic space, I also like the dungeon adventures to touch mythic elements. And this is what I have strived to do with the adventure for O&O. I hope you like it.

Cover by Heather Shinn & J. M. Woiak.

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