Games on the Table – Part 7: Star Wars d6

Recently we started up the Darkstryder Campaign, and instead of adapting it to the present version of Star Wars (from FFG) or the previous d20-based we decided to dig out the old rulebooks and play it with the original d6 system from WEG.

As I am playing with both AGE system and the Year 0 Engine I have two modern d6-based systems on the (right now virtual) table, and in this regards Star Wars d6 comes out as dated. The two newer systems give the players more control over how, they use the results of their dice, and that is fun and drives the game in a good way, and this is missing from the SW d6. I do suspect that one could fairly easily adapt the design concepts from AGE and Y0E and apply them to SW d6. The new narrative dice system from FFG would also give us this effect, but it would require us to change the whole system, and that does not appeal.

So far we have only played a few sessions and worked our way through the first few chapters of the Darkstryder campaign. At times it is railroady and the tracks are a bit too visible at times for it to be really fun, byt I expect our campaign to grow as we play, and hopefully we will get a better look at, what the d6 system can do.

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