Games on the Table – Part 8: Traveller

Some time ago we ended our Traveller campaign from Mongoose, and now I am playing The Expanse and Star Wars d6, so I am playing three different d6-based sci-fi games, but also three different approaches to travelling with space ships (and I have Coriolis using the Year 0 Engine coming up as one of the next games, and thus a fourth d6-based sci fi).

Traveller was a curious game to play. The character generation system is really fascinating, and we did lose a character during character generation. I like how it creates a character with a story, but also is a game in itself. You play to see, what you generate and end up playing. Different than the funnel system in Dungeon Crawl Classics, which in a sense also is a way to play to find out, what character you will end up playing.

Traveller was also the accounting game, when we were travelling between the stars picking up cargo at one or the other planet and selling it on the next, while keeping eye on fuel and maintaining the ship. Especially the journey from a sector to another looking for adventure aiming for a small kingdom needing help was a long series of jumps, dice rolls and accounting. It was interesting and a quite different experience.

Besides this, the system was generally unremarkable, but also easy to handle. As with the Star Wars d6 system it feels dated in the sense, that the engine cannot do much more than generate pass/fail, and its general strength is that it supports OSR play style.

I probably won’t be playing more Traveller, as there other systems out there, that I have yet to play, and that appeals more to me.

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