New Contacts and Personnel for Vaesen

One of the great things about Vaesen is how the game anchor’s the characters in the setting through their headquarters, the Castle Gyllencreutz, and the personnel as well as the characters’ contacts. The characters are not in a void between adventures but instead have somewhere to be and people to interact with, and they add resources for the characters to empliy during their investigations.

To expand on this I have added a range of new contacts and personnel to the game. They follow the concept of being a part of 19th century Mythic Europe and are based on trends in the century from hypnotism to anarchism to folklore studies. One part is to increase the gallery of contacts for the players adding new types of resources available but also to create new opptortunities for roleplaying and for conflicts centered around the Society, such as contacts turning into enemies or threats if not treated the right way.

In the same manner, I have added rules allowing the players to hire staff with a chequered past, which later can create complications for the players. All of this you can download as pay-what-you-want from DrivethruRPG: New Contacts and Personnel.

They can be used with Castle Gyllencreutz, Ravnholm Estate, Hansted Lighthouse or whereever the Society has decided to set up headquarters.

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