B1-9 In Search of Adventure

During the early 80’s a series of modules, the B-series, were published for the good old Red Box (which more or less just happens to be published in an updated version). In 1987 TSR published the modules in a revised collection, In Search of Adventure, where the nine modules were anchored in The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (The Mystara-setting) and tied together. Recently I finished playing B10 Night’s Dark Terror and having fun with that, we decided to play some more modules. We are playing them with the 4E-rules.

From One Campaign to The Next

The first campaign was about an elderly dwarf having four youngsters in his tutelage traveling the countryside helping people, and that is how they became involved in the module Night’s Dark Terror. At the end they discovered an ancient, hidden valley with an ancient evil etc.

Three characters died in the final battle. The two survivors fought their way back to civilization. Here they plan to keep on going on adventures, and they picked up some new comrades, and I told the players about us playing the compilation. So we are off on new adventures in the vicinity of Threshold, and I am really looking forward to playing Rahasia, The Silver Princess and other classics.

A Few House Rules

We employ a series of house rules in the campaign. Some I have described earlier, others will be covered in the next few posts.

(This was originally introduced in the Wizard-campaign, but one of my players suggested using it in this campaign. The campaigns consists of different players, and it was from reading about my wizard-campaign, that the player suggested we tried using the rule).

There is a War

The campaign takes place during the momentous war, Wrath of the Immortals, that will change the surface of Mystara forever, and thus runs at the same time as the other D&D-campaigns allowing us to look at the war from three different perspectives. This campaign takes place in some backwater, where the war is really distant thing to which some volunteers to go, and others choose to hide from the war.

Two of the characters are veterans from the Grand Thyatian Army taking a break for the warfare, two characters are experienced adventurers and the only survivors from B10 Night’s Dark Terror, and the fifth is a local elf desiring adventure.

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  1. Not to start an edition war, but I wouldn’t call the new red box an “updated version” of the old one. A 2009 to 2010 Toyota Camry is an update. D&D 3.0 to 3.5 is an update. OD&D to 4e? That’s like saying a Cabriolet is an update to a Ford Model T. Its not really an update when more than 30% is different.

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