What I will be Playing at The Next Con

The next convention I will be attending is Fastaval in Easter. The convention has its 25th anniversary, and I am pretty excited, as there will be a lot things to watch out for, not just roleplaying, but also all the secondary events such the Roleplaying Home Brewers Contest (that is roleplayers that also brew their own beers), and the anniversary publication covering this years articles on how to play – articles targeting both players and GMs – and also covering the last 25 years of the convention’s history.

Right now I am working on the last details on my own contribution to the programme, a scenario about children and war, and I am looking for game masters for the scenario. I am also trying to figure out, which of the scenarios, that I will run, and so far I have narrowed it down to the following games:

  • A Heart of Metal. A metal-opera roleplay based on Tannhäuser including a playlist of various metal hits.
  • Ikea. A love story using an Ikea-catalogue to set the scenes.
  • Leaves of Destiny. A drama using a ouija-board to simulate the events of the game
  • 15 Men. A pirate story about 15 pirates trying to get the treasure with one pirate dying in each scene. Once a player’s pirate character is dead, he picks the next to play.
  • Memoirs of a Hitman. A story about a nameless hitman finding solace on Iceland.
  • Scrapbook. A sad tale about a woman lost in her fantasy world, where the players construct scenes by using her scrapbook. The color of the pages reveal, whether the events take place or in her dream world.

That is just a small part of the programme.

Since there is a rumor that Jared Sorensen and Luke Crane  of FreeMarket fame might visit, I will also be signing up for the indie-games.


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