Jared and Luke goes to Denmark

In a month the major Danish roleplaying convention, Fastaval, takes place.

I am really looking forward to the Fastaval this easter. Not only is the programme filled with exciting scenarios, but also a lot interesting events for instance the Roleplayer Brew Off, where roleplayers compete in beer brewing.

Now we have the pleasure of being visited by Luke Crane of Mouse Guard fame and Jared Sorensen of Lacuna fame (at least the game of his, that I am familiar with), and both are behind the FreeMarket game – and actually I hope, that they might bring a few copies along.

Anyway I am excited to see, what they will present for us at Fastaval, and registration for Fastaval runs to 1st of April, so you can still make it, if Scandinavian Freeform, parlor larps and indie-style games appeal to you.




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