Playing the various D&D-versions – and which Spelljammer module to play?

For a long while we played in one of my groups the old D&D-modules (B-series) with the 4th ed. D&D rules. Then we skipped to playing the X-series with the good old basic D&D-rules, and right now we are about to finish X3 Curse of Xanathon. We have been talking about playing any more X-modules or perhaps a Companion or Master module, however we have been considering to do a shift for short while to AD&D 1st ed. to play I6 Castle Ravenloft. The purpose is in part to try the various versions of D&D, though we intend to skip 2nd and 3rd., and then either move on to 3,5 ed or Pathfinder – but now that has changed; Recently it was announced at The Alexandrian the arrival of Legends & Labyrinths, a stripped down version of 3rd edition, that is compatible with the 3rd ed. That is intriguing, and I am sorely tempted. I can get to keep using my old 3rd (3,5?) books, and at the same time I can get to avoid the mechanic heavy parts of 3rd ed., and yet still play it – at least if L&L keeps its promise.

Which Spelljammer module to play?

And so I am looking forward to L&L, and with a bit of luck, I’ll be running my old Spelljammer and Planescape modules using the rules system, but since I don’t intend to run all of my Spelljammer stuff – and since I got it all and never got to play it (yeah, I know, I am a collector by heart), I have no experience with it – so which one or two modules are the best Spelljammer-modules to play?

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