New Monster for Vaesen: Skelflytter

A curious creature or rather a ghost from Scandinavian folklore in the 19th century is the skelflytter (Danish, Swedish) or deildegast (Norwegian). It is referenced in several sources as a frightful revenant calling out to people and ploughing the fields at night (thus also called a nattepløjer – night plougher) in punishment for stealing land by moving fence posts – and that is what the word skelflytter means. The skelflytter cannot find rest until its misdeed is undone, and at night it calls out with its terrifying voice asking where the fence posts or boundary markers should be placed.

During the summer I had the opportunity to run several adventures with the Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying, and one of the first creatures I introduced was the Skelflytter. To proper introduce this nightly terror searching for people to undo its wrongs, I have made a write-up, that can be downloaded for free from DrivethruRPG: Skelflytter.


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