Games on the Table – Part 12: Tales from the Loop

When it comes to games from Free League I am a fan. I have previously in this series of posts talked about the Vaesen, Forbidden Lands and ALIEN (as well as Things from the Flood, Coriolis and Mutant: Year 0, that are on the want to play list), and then there is Tales from the Loop based on the artwork of Simon Staalenhag, which has also been turned into a tv-show on Prime. This game is also riding along the Stranger Things zeitgeist with games about kids in the 80’s.

Tales from the Loop is a strange and evocative sci-fi roleplaying game about kids in the 80s in an alternate timeline, where certain technological advances have been made. It also a game, that wants to have Nordic social realism as part of the game with plots about the issues kids have and had in the 80s. The simplicity of the rules help to support this from an approach, where the game does not want to distract the players from the themes and sense of wonder with too complex or demanding rules.

I look forward to play more Tales from the Loop as well as its successor, Things from the Flood.

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